How to onboard data using DDO deals

This is a step by step guide of how to make verified DDO deals with Boost

  1. First, you need to initialise a new Boost client and also set the endpoint for a public Filecoin node. In this example we are using

    boost init

  2. The init command will output your new wallet address, and warn you that the market actor is not initialised.

    boost init
    boost/init_cmd.go:53    default wallet set      {"wallet": "f3wfbcudimjcqtfztfhoskgls5gmkfx3kb2ubpycgo7a2ru77temduoj2ottwzlxbrbzm4jycrtu45deawbluq"}
    boost/init_cmd.go:60    wallet balance  {"value": "0"}
    boost/init_cmd.go:65    market actor is not initialised, you must add funds to it in order to send online deals

  3. Now, you need to send some funds and Datacap to the wallet.

  4. You can confirm that the market actor has funds and Datacap by running boost wallet list.

    After that you need to generate a car file for data you want to store on Filecoin, and note down its payload-cid. We recommend using go-car CLI to generate the car file.

    boostx generate-rand-car -c=50 -l=$links -s=5120000 .
    Payload CID: bafykbzacedr7avw5yvxgjftkhfgzgbinq523csw3ir5hyukx2ulewaigyjdrm, written to: <$CWD>/

  5. Then you need to calculate the commp and piece size for the generated car file: boostx generate-rand-car -c=50 -l=$links -s=5120000 .

    boostx commp
    CommP CID:  baga6ea4seaqjpldhlgodxw2vjj6g46xra7jthe2g37kt7577ep5euxipkupfsly
    Piece size:  8388608
    Car file size:  7657847

  6. Create a new verified allocation for this piece using boost client. You can use other method to create allocations as long as piece details match the generated commP.

    boost allocate --miner=t01013 --piece-info=baga6ea4seaqjpldhlgodxw2vjj6g46xra7jthe2g37kt7577ep5euxipkupfsly=8388608 --wallet t3tejq3lb3szsq7spvttqohsfpsju2jof2dbive2qujgz2idqaj2etuolzgbmro3owsmpuebmoghwxgt6ricvq
    about to send message with the following gas costs
    max fee:      0.00000000512550864 FIL (absolute maximum amount you are willing to pay to get your transaction confirmed)
    gas fee cap:  0.00000000000000012 FIL
    gas limit:    42712572
    gas premium:  0.000000000000000023 FIL
    basefee:      0.0000000000000001 FIL
    Proceed? Yes [y] / No [n]:
    2024-03-11T18:11:59.794Z	INFO	boost	boost/direct_deal.go:112	submitted data cap allocation message	{"cid": "bafy2bzacecyxmx4uyuqfy6xdnlaba2aamlghcujt2asvqmkz6trilnttcouoi"}
    2024-03-11T18:11:59.794Z	INFO	boost	boost/direct_deal.go:113	waiting for message to be included in a block
    AllocationID  Client  Miner  PieceCid                                                          PieceSize  TermMin  TermMax Expiration  
    31825         1011    1013   baga6ea4seaqjpldhlgodxw2vjj6g46xra7jthe2g37kt7577ep5euxipkupfsly  8388608    518400   5256000  1601277

  7. Import the piece for the newly create allocation using boostd

    boostd import-direct --client-addr=t3tejq3lb3szsq7spvttqohsfpsju2jof2dbive2qujgz2idqaj2etuolzgbmro3owsmpuebmoghwxgt6ricvq --allocation-id=31825 baga6ea4seaqjpldhlgodxw2vjj6g46xra7jthe2g37kt7577ep5euxipkupfsly ~/
    Direct data import scheduled for execution

  8. Watch the boostd UI to verify that the new DDO deal reaches "Complete" and "Claim Verified" state.

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