FVM Contract Deals

This page explains how to start monitoring and accepting deals published on-chain on the FVM

With the release of FVM, it is now possible for smart contracts to make deal proposals on-chain. This is made possible though the DealProposal FRC.

DataDAOs, as well as other clients who want to store data on Filecoin, can now deploy a smart contract on the FVM which adheres to the DealProposal FRC, and make deal proposals that are visible to every storage provider who monitors the chain.

How to enable FVM monitoring in order to process storage deal proposals published on-chain?

Boost already has support for the DealProposal FRC.

The code for FVM monitoring resides in the latest release of the Boost. It should be used with caution for production use. SPs must enable FEVM on lotus daemon before proceeding to the next step.

In order to enable contract deals, you have to edit your config.toml and enable chain monitoring. By default it is disabled. Here is an example configuration:

  Enabled = true
  AllowlistContracts = []
  From = "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000"

AllowlistContracts field could be left empty if you want to accept deals from any client. If you only want to accept deals from some clients, you can specify their contract addresses in the field.

From field should be set to your SP's FEVM address. Some clients may implement a whitelist which allows specific SPs to accept deal proposals from their contract. This field will help those clients identify your SP and match it to their whitelist.

How contract deals work in Boost

  1. A contract publishes a DealProposalCreate event on the chain.

  2. Boost monitors the chain for such events from all the clients by default. When such an event is detected, we go and fetch the data for the deal.

  3. Deal is then run through the basic deal validation filters like clients has enough funds, SP has enough funds etc.

  4. Once deal passes the validation, we create a new deal handler in Boost and pass this deal for execution like other Boost deals.

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