Frequently asked questions about Boost
Is there a way to stop boostd daemon? You can use the regular Unix OS signals
Is Boost compatible with the Lotus client? Can a client use lotus client deal to send a deal to Boost storage providers or do they have to use the boost client? Yes, boost should work with any client given it supports the storage market protocol / default standard of Filecoin network today.
Does Boost provide retrieval functionality? Yes, Boost provides 3 protocols for retrievals as of now. By default, Boost has Graphsync retrieval enabled. SPs can run Bitswap and HTTP retrievals by running booster-bitswap and booster-http respectively.
Does Boost client have retreival functionality? Yes, Boost client supports retrieval over graphsync protocol. But we highly recommend, using Lassie client for Filecoin/IPFS retrievals.
Can Boost make verified deals? Yes, payments for deals can be made either from a regular wallet, or from DataCap. Deals that are paid for with DataCap are called verified deals.
Can I run both Boost and markets at the same time? No, Boost replaces the legacy markets process. See Migrate a Lotus markets service process to Boost