Frequently asked questions about Boost

Is there a way to stop boostd daemon? You can use the regular Unix OS signals

Is Boost compatible with the Lotus client? Can a client use lotus client deal to send a deal to Boost storage providers or do they have to use the boost client? No. Boost no longer supports deals from lotus client. Boost will work with any client if the client uses deal making protocol /fil/storage/mk/1.2.0 or newer.

Does Boost provide retrieval functionality? Yes, Boost provides 3 protocols for retrievals as of now. By default, Boost has Graphsync retrieval enabled. SPs can run Bitswap and HTTP retrievals by running booster-bitswap and booster-http respectively.

Does Boost client have retrieval functionality? Yes, Boost client supports retrieval over graphsync protocol. But we highly recommend, using Lassie client for Filecoin/IPFS retrievals.

Can Boost make verified deals? Yes, payments for deals can be made either from a regular wallet, or from DataCap. Deals that are paid for with DataCap are called verified deals.

Can I run both Boost and markets at the same time? No, Boost replaces the legacy markets process.

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