This page details the Boost data service - boostd-data
The boostd-data service is a proxy to the underlying backend database that hosts the Local Index Directory (LID). Currently there is support for two stores:
  • LevelDB
  • YugabyteDB


boostd-data run yugabyte --hosts <HOSTS> \
--connect-string <CONNECT-STRING> \
--addr <LISTEN-ADDR>
We recommend creating a systemd file for this service and utilising it to easily start and stop the boostd-data service. Please note that this service is an independent process and is not controlled by any other Boost process.
--hosts takes the IP addresses of the YugabyteDB YT-Servers. Example:
--hosts= --hosts= --hosts=
--addr is the <IP>:<PORT> where boostd-data service should be listening on. The IP here can be a private one (recommended) and should reachable by all boost related processes. Please ensure to update your firewall configuration accordingly.