This page details the Boost data service - boostd-data

The boostd-data service is a proxy to the underlying backend database that hosts the Local Index Directory (LID). Currently there is support for two stores:

  • LevelDB

  • YugabyteDB


boostd-data run yugabyte --hosts <HOSTS> \
                         --connect-string <CONNECT-STRING> \
                         --addr <LISTEN-ADDR>

We recommend creating a systemd file for this service and utilising it to easily start and stop the boostd-data service. Please note that this service is an independent process and is not controlled by any other Boost process.

The PGX driver from Yugabyte supports cluster aware Postgres connection out of the box. If you are deploying a multi-node YugabyteDB cluster, then please update your connect-string to use a cluster aware connection.

With Cluster Mode: "postgresql://postgres:postgres@"

With Cluster Mode + No SSL: "postgresql://postgres:postgres@"

--hosts takes the IP addresses of the YugabyteDB YT-Servers. Example:

--hosts= --hosts= --hosts=

--addr is the <IP>:<PORT> where boostd-data service should be listening on. The IP here can be a private one (recommended) and should reachable by all boost related processes. Please ensure to update your firewall configuration accordingly.

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