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By default the Boost daemon repository is located at ~/.boost
It contains the following files:
  • api The local multi-address of Boost's libp2p API
  • boost.db The sqlite database with all deal metadata
  • boost.logs.db The sqlite database with the logs for deals
  • config.toml The config file with all Boost's settings
  • repo.lock A lock file created when Boost is running
  • storage.json Deprecated (needed by legacy markets)
  • token The token used when calling Boost's JSON RPC endpoints
It has the following directories:
  • datastore Contains metadata about deals for legacy markets
  • deal-staging The directory used by legacy markets for incoming data transfers
  • incoming The directory used by Boost for incoming data transfers
  • journal Contains journal events (used by legacy markets)
  • keystore Contains the secret keys used by libp2p (eg the peer ID)
  • kvlog Used by legacy markets datastore
Last modified 8mo ago