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SQLite metadata database

Boost stores metadata about deals in a SQLite database in the root directory of the Boost repository.
To open the database use a SQLite client:
sqlite3 boost.db
The database tables are
  • Deals metadata about Boost storage deals (eg deal proposal) and their current state (e.g. checkpoint)
  • FundsLogs log of each change in funds reserved for a deal
  • FundsTagged how much FIL is tagged for deal collateral and publish message for a deal
  • StorageLogs log of each change in storage reserved for a deal
  • StorageTagged how much storage is tagged for a deal
Boost keeps a separate database just for deal logs, so as to make it easier to manage log data separately from deal metadata. The logs database is named boost.logs.db and it has a single table DealLogs that stores logs for each deal, indexed by UUID.


Boost uses goose (https://pressly.github.io/goose/) tool and library for handling sqlite3 migrations.
goose can be installed following the instructions at https://pressly.github.io/goose/installation/
Migrations in Boost are stored in the /db/migrations directory.
Boost handles database migrations on start-up. If a user is running an older version of Boost, migrations up to the latest version are automatically applied on start-up.
Developers can use goose to inspect and apply migrations using the CLI:
➜ ~ goose
up Migrate the DB to the most recent version available
up-by-one Migrate the DB up by 1
up-to VERSION Migrate the DB to a specific VERSION
down Roll back the version by 1
down-to VERSION Roll back to a specific VERSION
redo Re-run the latest migration
reset Roll back all migrations
status Dump the migration status for the current DB
version Print the current version of the database
create NAME [sql|go] Creates new migration file with the current timestamp
fix Apply sequential ordering to migrations