Direct Deals

Direct data onboarding deals

Set up a devnet to make Direct Deals

Create images

Create Lotus image:

git clone lotus-direct-deal
cd lotus-direct-deal
git checkout nonsense/ddo-integration-and-allocation-and-claim-apis
docker build --build-arg FFI_BUILD_FROM_SOURCE=1 --build-arg GOFLAGS=-tags=debug -t filecoin/lotus-all-in-one:feat-ddo-integration-debug --target lotus-all-in-one -f Dockerfile .

Create Boost images:

git clone boost-direct-deal
cd boost-direct-deal
make docker/lotus ffi_from_source=1 build_lotus=0 lotus_version=feat-ddo-integration
make docker/lotus-miner ffi_from_source=1 build_lotus=0 lotus_version=feat-ddo-integration
make docker/boost docker/booster-http docker/booster-bitswap ffi_from_source=1 build_lotus=0 lotus_version=feat-ddo-integration

Start docker devnet

make devnet/up

Setup notaries and grant datacap

  1. Wait till the Boost UI is reachable at http://localhost and then, open a terminal to the boost container

    docker compose exec boost /bin/bash
  2. Setup notary and add balance to client market actor

    export `lotus auth api-info --perm=admin`
    boost init
    lotus send --from=`lotus wallet default` `boost wallet default` 100
    NOTARY_1=`cat $BOOST_PATH/notary_1`
    lotus send $NOTARY_1 10
    lotus wallet list
    sleep 10
    boostx market-add 5
  3. Grant the datacap to the client

    lotus filplus grant-datacap --from=$NOTARY_1 `boost wallet default` 100000000

Make a deal

FILE=`boostx generate-rand-car -c=$chunks -l=$links -s=5120000 /app/public/ | awk '{print $NF}'`
PAYLOAD_CID=$(find "$FILE" | xargs -I{} basename {} | sed 's/\.car//')
COMMP_CID=`boostx commp $FILE 2> /dev/null | grep CID | cut -d: -f2 | xargs`
boost allocate --miner=t01000 --piece-info=$COMMP_CID=8388608
boost list-allocations
boostd import-direct --client-addr=`boost wallet default` --allocation-id=2 $COMMP_CID /app/public/$

Stop the devnet

make devnet/down

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